Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A change of pace... family time & Harry Potter?

Today, I spent time in the House of Deputies for sure, but I also spent some time with family. My mother, aunt, and cousin are all here for General Convention and up until today, I have been too committed to meetings and other arrangements that I needed to step back.

I started my morning with a wonderful breakfast with my family and Michelle, a friend of my mother's (and defacto member of the family). We ate and talked and laughed out loud and generally had a great time together. And God saw that it was good, and it was GOOD!

After the morning legislative session and the daily Eucharist (have I mentioned that the worship here has been awesome and the music fantastic? Well it has been.), I spent some time just talking with my cousin Margaret over lunch. You don't realize how much you miss family until you reconnect and come face-to-face with 'that which you do not normally get to experience'. It was so nice.

Then Margaret (or Button as we call her), and I went to listen to my Aunt Edna lead a workshop on "Mothers, Sisters, and friends of the Bible". My mother joined us. And while I could only be there for about 15 minutes because I had to get over to the House od Deputies, it was amazing to watch my aunt in action. Her workshop room was full of women (this was an ECW workshop) who were fully engaged in her presentation. i was very proud.

On the floor of the House this afternoon, we passed the amended version of the D027 Resolution that the House of Bishops passed yesterday. It was a good feeling!

The day turned into evening. The Chicago Deputation had a dinner scheduled and we spent the time laughing, sharing copious amounts of "UBuntu", singing, and enjoying each others' company.

And to top off the day, Ian Hallas, me, and several folks from the Western Michigan deputation are going to go the the Disneyland Theater at midnight tonight to watch the opening of the new Harry Potter movie! Yeah, we will probably pay for it tomorrow when we have to live with the lack of sleep but it will be well worth the sacrifice!

Accio Firebolt!

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