Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life after General Convention?

Well I learned from Twitter and Shawn Schreiner that on Friday afternoon, the House of Deputies passed resolution C056 on Same-Gender Blessings -- the one that came amended from the House of Bishops a few days before. The vote, by orders, was pretty one-sided with 2/3 of the lay voting in favor and about 65% of the clergy doing the same. I was well on my way home when the afternoon session took place.

Camp Closing Ceremony for Session IIII am home now and the first thing I did was sleep for 10 hours in my own bed. What bliss! When I got up, Ryan and I went to Camp Chicago for 'closing'. Yeah, I do Convention for two weeks and the first activity I engage in after returning is what? A church-related event! I must be a crazy man...

Camp was cool though. Got to visit with the staff, see my daughter and wife (who actually remembered who I was), and watch the drama performance, worship service, and award ceremony. All good! If you are reading this and have children between the ages of 3 and 17, you are doing them a disservice by not sending them to Camp Chicago. It is hugely fun!

After camp, Ryan and I ate at Burger King and then went to see Harry Potter! It was his first time seeing it -- I saw it on opening night (midnight) while at Anaheim so this was my second time. It was just as good the second time. Now I am home, watching Ice Road Truckers, Eureka, and doing my laundry. My DVR is full of stuff I missed -- I got some catching up to do!

My next task will be to put together a presentation to my church, St. Mary's, about the highlights of General Convention. I am also going to put on a table in our Parish Hall a bunch of materials I gathered while in Anaheim so that anyone interested can read them. My presentations are scheduled for August 9th.

Did I mention being really tired? Oh yeah. Very tired. Later this week, I will put some additional reflections on General Convention. But for the moment, my mind is a little mushy.

So, life after General Convention? Sure! But I think it starts after 2-3 days of rest and recuperation. My brian needs a rest. Thank the Lord I do not go back to work until Tuesday!

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